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Due to the large request to extend the abstract deadline we have decided to do a final extension until 21 January, 2016


The Scientific Committee invites the submission of original abstracts for oral or E-poster presentation.
10 best abstracts will be chosen for oral presentation to be included in the scientific program.

Guidelines for Abstract Submission

1. Abstracts should be submitted via the on-line submission system only ; abstracts submitted by fax or email will not be reviewed.
2. All abstracts must be submitted and presented in English.
3. All abstracts submitted online will be reviewed by the Scientific Committee and notification of acceptance will be sent by email.
4. To correct/change an abstract that has already been submitted or to submit another abstract, please use the log-in and password which you received when you submitted your original abstract. This will enable you to access the previously submitted abstract/s or to submit an additional abstract/s.
5. Modification of abstracts will not be possible later than the above deadline.


Title and Body 题目和字体
Title: Each word should begin with a capital letter with the exception of transition words
Length: The Abstract body should be no longer than 250 words in total

Structure 结构
Please structure your abstract using the following headings: 请在您的摘要中体现以下标题

– Background 研究背景
– Objective 研究目的
– Methods 研究方法
– Results (if relevant) 研究结果
– Conclusion 结论

Author/s and Affiliations 作者和机构

Note to all E-Poster submitters:
The abstracts accepted for poster presentation will be presented as E-posters (Electronic poster presentation).
Once your E-posters abstracts are accepted, you will be asked to submit them also as a PPT file (if you haven’t already done so).
Note that these presentations are limited to 6 slides and will be converted to PDF, so please do not include any transitions between slides.

All abstracts will be forwarded for the Scientific Committee’s review.
If an abstract is accepted, the presenting author must register.
Authors who submit an abstract but fail to register for by February 15, 2015 run the risk of having their abstracts withdrawn
Letters of acceptance have been sent. If you have not received any notification, please contact the secretariat: 



Best Abstracts CIP 2014:

1st Prize: “Vitamin D Status and its Predictors among Urban and Rural School Children in Ethiopia: A Comparative Study”
Tolassa Wakayo (Ethiopia)

2nd Prize: “The Changing Epidemiology of Methyl Phenidate Prescriptions in the Community: A Multifactorial Model”
Lutfi Jaber (Israel)

The abstracts accepted for poster presentation will be presented as E-posters (Electronic poster presentation)


Topics for Abstracts Submission: 提交摘要课题

  • Adolescent Health 青少年健康
  • Developmental-Behavioral Pediatrics 发育行为儿科学
  • Emergency Medicine 急诊医学
  • Neonatology 新生儿学
  • Ophthalmology 眼科学
  • Pediatric Allergy & Immunology 儿童变态反应
  • Pediatric Critical & Intensive Care 儿科鉴定学&重症监护
  • Pediatric Dermatology 儿童皮肤学
  • Pediatric Education 儿童教育学
  • Pediatric Endocrinology 儿科内分泌学
  • Pediatric Gastroenterology 小儿胃肠科
  • Pediatric Genetics 儿童遗传学
  • Pediatric Hematology & Oncology 小儿血液学&肿瘤学
  • Pediatric Infectious Diseases and Vaccinology 小儿传染病与疫苗接种学
  • Pediatric Nephrology 小儿肾病学
  • Pediatric Neurology 小儿神经科
  • Pediatric Pulmonology and sleep Medicine 小儿复苏和睡眠医学
  • Pediatric Psychiatry 小儿神经病学
  • Pediatric Radiology 儿科放射学
  • Pediatric Rheumatology 小儿风湿病学
  • Pediatric Nutrition 儿童营养学
  • Pediatric Sports Medicine  小儿外科紧急情况
  • Pediatric Pharmacology and Toxicology 儿科药理毒理学
  • Primary Care 基础治疗
  • Pediatric Surgery and its specialties 小儿外科
  • Rare Diseases 罕见病
  • Rare and Orphan diseases 罕见病和孤儿病
  • Social Pediatrics 社会儿科学
  • Tropical Medicine 热带医学