Fuyong Jiao

Fuyong Jiao

Fuyong Jiao, MD  

Prof and Head Tutor for postgraduate of Pediatrics Shaanxi Provincial People’s Hospital of Xi,an Jiaotong University

Society of Pediatrics Shaanxi Province

Society for Preventionof Child Abuse and Neglect

Executive Councillor of ISPCAN


Fuyong Jiao is Professor and Head of Dept of Pediatrics shaanxi provincial people’s hospital of xi,an Jiaoton University , Deputy Chairman of Shaanxi Provincial Pediatrics and Perinatology of Chinese Medical Association(CMA). Councillor of Shaanxi of Chinese Medical Association (CMA) and Society of Pediatrics of Shaanxi Province .Tutor of M.sc(pediatrics) of Xian jiaoton University .Temporary ( PCAN) Adviser for WHO .He has experience in pediatric Neurology and Child health for more 30 years .

In 2006 at the 16th Conference of ISPCAN in UK he won KEMPER award of the international association for the prevention of child abuse and neglect kemper award .

He is Head of national committee of prevention of child injury and Council member of China Preventive medical Association (CPMA ).He studied on pediatric neurology in Sydney New Children’s hospital , Tokyo women’s medical university and other countries. he got a contribution reward of Pediatric Bipolar Disorder in 11th Bridging Eastern and Western Psychiatry Annual Meeting . Attended some international conference of pediatrics , and published some articles of pediatric esp. in pediatric neurology e.g USA , New Zealand ,UK / Italy , Japan ,Turkey etc .He major study and interested in pediatric neurology and Kawasaki disease , infection disease and child’s health care etc in China .In fact he received a lot of children with neurological diseases , Kawasaki disease and infection disease in hospital and china

Dr. Jiao Fuyong, MD, has been conducting groundbreaking child abuse prevention and treatment work since 1999, when he organized the First National Conference on PCAN for all of Mainland China. Since that time, Dr. Jiao’s work has expanded to include the publication of the first Chinese book on the medical treatment of child abuse and neglect, the founding of the Shaanxi Society for the Prevention of Child Abuse and Neglect (SSPCAN), as well as the establishment of the Xi’an Philanthropic Child Abuse Prevention and Treatment Center (CAPAC) – the only organization of its kind in this country. Currently, in addition to his full-time practice as Head of Pediatrics at Shaanxi People’s Hospital, Dr. Jiao serves as executive director of CAPAC and chairman of SSPCAN, while continuing to Chinese-language publications on the subject of child abuse. Through ISPCAN, UNICEF, WHO, and other NGOs, Dr. Jiao has been actively involved with national and international CAN dialogue for many years, and looks forward to expanding his role in global work by participating in the ISPCAN Executive Council.