The “Global Initiative for Consensus in Pediatrics” (CIP) is a public, nonprofit, unbiased, apolitical and independent organization.   The Limited Liability Company is legally registered in Cyprus, and was founded for the purpose of promoting and seeking optimal Global Pediatric Health Care by establishing academic debate platforms that stimulate Consensus and agreements on main child health pathologies, difficulties and controversies.


The main objectives and principles on which the CIP is based are:

  • The belief that Children are the future of Humanity and every generation has the duty of securing them optimal health care
  • To fulfill this mission, that every effort should be made to reach global agreement on basic guidelines and strategies concerning Child Health
  • To achieve such goals, that academic platforms should be established seeking for consensus and agreements on child health care;


  1. 相信孩子是人类的未来,确保他们享有最佳的医疗卫生保健
  2. 履行这个使命,应尽一切努力达成全球关于儿童健康的基本原则和策略协议
  3. 为了实现这些目标,建立学术平台寻求关于儿童卫生保健共识和协议;

CIP organizes congresses, international symposia, regional fora, workshops and debates, assures circulation of the consensus through both lay and medical media as well as through theCIP website.  In addition we circulate information through regular newsletters, and have established a free “Pediatric Knowledge Diffusion and Transfer” instrument in the form of the “EnCIPedia” project.  CIP engages in many other activities which contribute to the advancement of pediatrics and children’s health worldwide, offering state of the art knowledge in approach, diagnosis and treatments, and publishing main reports in relevant professional literature.


All the purposes and powers of CIP are exercised exclusively for charitable, scientific or educational purposes. CIP supports the aims and objectives of the WHO and the IPA and collaborates with them regularly (see the CIP Statutes).


The activities of CIP are open to all members, irrespective of nationality, gender, race, faith, philosophical or political opinions and membership is gained by simply registering and attending the CIP Congress, no other fee is charged. It is open to pediatricians, pediatric subspecialists, pediatric surgeons, nurses, residents, physicians other than pediatricians, nutritionists, physician assistants and auxiliaries, traditional practitioners, psychologists and all other related health professionals engaged in the deliverance of pediatric health.

CIP的活动是开放给所有成员,不分国籍、性别、种族、信仰、哲学或政治观点,随时可以简单地注册并获得参加CIP大会。这是儿科医生,儿科专家,小儿外科医生、护士、实习生,住院医师 ,营养师,医师助理,传统医学从业人员、心理学家和所有其他相关的卫生专业人员从事拯救儿童的健康的事业平台。